Gold services are whole-school, high impact products which have a dramatic and long-lasting impact on mathematics teaching and learning.

Introducing a Numicon approach

Numicon is the top maths programme in England. It has been taken around the world by teachers and parents. It fulfils the requirements of the NZ Curriculum and more! Numicon is a distinctive multi-sensory approach to children's mathematical learning that emphasises three key aspects of doing mathematics: communicating mathematically, exploring relationships and solving problems in everyday life experiences (generalising)

We work closely with Numicon NZ. CPA Maths has significant experience successfully implementing and promoting this approach.

Whole School audit

This service is an analysis of the quality of teaching in your school alongside lesson observations; the work produced by learners is examined.The audit examines and reports on the strengths and areas for development. This provides a catalyst for leadership teams to plan for improvement.

We will also research and report on pupil's voice. How do your learners feel about mathematics? Does your school have agentic learners? The results specifically focus on the differences in the attitudes of underperforming groups.



Silver services are medium impact yet low cost. These are lighter touch products which focus on improving mathematics without breaking PD budgets.

An introduction to Bar Modelling

Thousands of teachers have taken this course in the UK. CPA maths are the only company in New Zealand able to deliver the White Rose Maths Hub training. This training helps children to understand the structure of number and calculations. It is an incredibly powerful way of ensuring that your school has a consistent picture of the number. Students multiplicative and additive reasoning is strengthened by using a bar modelling pedagogy. Additionally, it is an incredibly powerful problem-solving tool. The bar model is often credited as one of the cornerstones of Singapore successful mathematics education.

Mentoring and coaching

This is a flexible and supportive course. CPA maths work with specific teachers in your school. Recent research has shown that some teachers in New Zealand lack confidence teaching mathematics. This course rectifies this problem. CPA maths have significant experience developing the confidence and ability of teachers using this model. Generally, we recommend that the course runs over 3 terms, with 3 contact sessions in each term; however, the programme can be adapted to suit your needs.

Subject specific Professional Development

We provide PD on the areas of mathematics that children struggle with the most (Place value, fractions and division). Your school can choose one, two or all three of these areas. The training discusses the misconceptions that students often have and these can be addressed through expert pedagogy.




Bronze services are low cost yet have a high impact on an individual or small group of learners. A change in attitude to maths in one afternoon!

Maths enrichment sessions

These sessions are aimed at promoting the enjoyment of mathematics. They give learners the opportunity to experience the wonders of mathematics away from the classroom. Schools often use this product to boost the attitudes of specific groups of learners. Additionally, schools often split the cost of these sessions so learners from a group of schools can benefit. These sessions can be one-off; however, we run a series of sessions (one each term) and find this has a greater impact on learners.