'a highly inspiring training provider.'


‘Dan has not only been an exceptional 1:1 professional mentor for Colchester Teacher Training Consortium, but also a highly inspiring training provider. 

 Dan’s mentoring skills focus on developing the trainee’s independent development of transferable, professional skills and attributes. His use of questioning and mutual professional respect promotes reflective practice which is then skilfully used to enable trainees to seek out and establish their own preferred and highly effective style. This has resulted in trainees that Dan has supported in securing exceptionally high grades against the Teachers’ Standards as a result of their significant impact on pupils’ learning and progress. 

 Dan has also had a broader impact through his delivery of high quality teacher training. Drawing on his own classroom practice in order to model excellence, he has been able to inspire and motivate trainees to plan and facilitate highly engaging and effective learning in their own classrooms. He has particularly focused on mathematics teaching and enabled trainees to develop effective, transferrable strategies for promoting learning in maths across the primary curriculum.’

Alastair Heath-Robinson, Primary Director, Colchester Teacher Training